The charter of MSUG is "To Increase Successful Use of Simulation as a Decision Support Tool". It shall be accomplished by:

  1. Providing MSUG members with a forum, across the company and industry boundaries, for the mutual exchange of technical, administrative, and management information pertaining the use of simulation technology;
  2. Broadening the knowledge of its members on simulation and its applications;
  3. Communicating with simulation software suppliers regarding their product, maintenance, and other technical requirements from end users so as to provide them ideas for improving their products;
  4. Cost issues both on selling the software and on performing services will be excluded from the group discussions.

MSUG Conference 2016

2016 Conference Logo


 If you are interested in speaking at the 2016 MSUG Conference, please contact our Speaker Chair Mike Sarvo at

If you are interested in a vendor table or presentation, please contact our Vendor Liaison Andy Gevaert at 

More information coming soon....

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